Flits Reward Program is widely accepted by Shopify Store Owners.

We are happy to hear that, you are offering Rewards to your customers via Flits, customers are actively participating in your reward program and now it has become a key point to increase your sales.

We have often asked to use Credit for Shipping value.

We would like to say that here at Flits we are always ready to solve all your queries, but because of some security issues, Shopify has stopped loading the third-party application's script on the Shipping page. We feel handicap due to this limitation of Shopify.

On special request to Shopify, only Shopify Plus store owners may access Spent Credit Option on Checkout Page. In response, Shopify allows accessing checkout.liquid file, using which we can offer credit to spend on shipping value.

Due to this limitation by Shopify, currently Flits is managing 'Spent Credit' option on the cart page for the other Shopify stores as well. We are working hard to find an alternative solution by following Shopify's Rules and Regulations.

For any help contact