Using Flits-Klaviyo integration you can send mail notifications to your customers for credit activities performed on your store.

Grant Flits access to add Flits Flow in your Klaviyo account

  • In Klaviyo Admin panel Go to Settings > Users > Add new user

  • Set email: Set User Role: Manager

  • This will send a user-invite on the above-mentioned email address

            For more details on User Roles: 


  • After the successful addition of a new user, you will be allowed to access Flows of Flits Credit program

Step 1: In Klaviyo Admin, Open Flows section from the left side navigation menu.

Step 2: In the Flows section, you can see Flits Store Credit flow. Click on Edit Flow button besides flow name.

Step 3: It will open the content of the Flow, which contains Triggers and related to email templates. Click on Edit label in options menu from the top right corner of the mail template name. Refer below image.

Step 4: After selecting Edit option, it will redirect you to the edit mail content. After performing any changes in the header part click on Save Changes button. Click on Edit Content button to modify mail content. Refer below image.

Step 5: You can modify the content of your email notifications from this section. Click on the block in which you want to perform changes. By clicking on the block you will see one editor on the left side of the preview wizard.


  • To use the dynamic property in notifications, click on the insert property drop-down and select property.
  • To use dynamic variables in notifications, click on the Preview section and choose variables of your need.

Step 6: When you click on Preview section you will see a Preview Mail pop up as shown in the below image, which contains event variable names along with values.

  • To use event variables in notifications, click on the event name - a variable related with that event will be displayed in a textbox. Copy variable from that textbox and use it in the mail notifications.

Step 7: After performing necessary changes in the content of mail notification, click on Save Content button on the top right corner of the edit content page to save changes.

Step 8: Once your content changes have been saved you will be redirected to the edit mail content page. Click on the Done button to finalize your changes.

Step 9: Once you click on Done button you will be redirected to the main edit flow page.

To activate your flow, on your desired mail template name, open the bottom left drop-down and select Live option.

Once you click on Live option, mail template is activated for the selected credit activity.

[Note: Keep Smart Sending = Off, to receive emails continuously. Refer below image]

Step 10: Click on Save and Exit button on the top right corner of the edit flow page. You will see the green color before the name of your flow. Which indicates that your flow is active or live and your customers can receive mail notifications on their credit activities. 

Step 11: Below image is a sample of Klaviyo mail notification for Credit Activity called as Credit Adjustment from Admin

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