Dear Store Owners Flits is always eager to solve your issues and find a permanent solution for each and every problem of yours.

We have often been asked to add the 'Spent credit' option on the Checkout page by many of the Shopify store owners.

But, This is to inform you that, Due to some security issues Shopify has stopped loading the third-party application's script to the checkout page. Due to this limitation, Flits is not able to display the 'Spent Credit' option on the Checkout page.

Only Shopify plus stores can request to access checkout. liquid file, after that we can display Spent Credit option on the Checkout page.

Due to this limitation by Shopify, currently Flits is managing 'Spent credit' option on the cart page for the rest of the Shopify stores.

Refer the below image to see how Spent Credit on the Checkout Page is accessible.

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