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In this article, we will discuss how Flits would become an essential part of your Shopify store.

Step 1: Download Flits App from Click here to download.

Step 2: After successful installation of Flits, the app name will be listed in the ''Apps'' section of Shopify store admin.

Step 3: Open Flits from Apps Section of Shopify store admin.

Step 4: After installation, for the first time when you open Flits app-admin you will be redirected to Billing Page.

Step 5: Select a preferred plan from the Billing Page.

  • Choose a Basic plan. If your customers are up to 1000. Know More

  • Choose a Business plan. If your customers are more than 1000 and up to 25000. Know More

  • Choose the Enterprise plan. If your customers are more than 25000 or you would like to select a custom plan. Know More

Step 6: Open the Customer Account Page Setup section from the left side navigation bar. Follow the steps to Preview templates and Install Flits code in the respective theme. Know More

Step 7: You can use our paid add-ons with a plan to enhance your customer experience. 

            - Click here to Explore Flits Paid Add-Ons

Step 8: After the successful code installation and verification, you will be able to see the eye-catching Customer Account Page as shown below. The following images are examples of the Customer Account Page, in which none of the paid add-ons is selected.

Uno Template Sample

Duo Template Sample

See Magic In Your Store: 

How your Store's Customer Account Page looks like if you will use our paid Add-Ons? 

    - Click here to Explore Flits Customer Account Page

Note: Store owners who have installed Flits on or after 06 April 2021, please contact us to set up any of thess templates in your store.

Hurray..!! Enjoy Flits on your shop and monitor growth in revenue.

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