You can use below-mentioned mail platforms to send mail notifications for credit activities performed on your store.

  • MailGun    
  • SMTP (Gmail, Office365, Zoho etc)
  • Sparkpost    
  • Mandrill

If we will integrate with Klaviyo, you can use Klaviyo editor for Mail customisation. We are just sending data to Klaviyo, rest of the things you can manage in Klaviyo.

Step 1: In Flits Admin Panel, Open Settings from the left side menu

Step 2: In the Settings page, Open Notification Settings

Step 3: In the Notification Settings Page, under Notification Subject, you will view two tabs namely Mail and Push Notification

Step 4: Click the Mail tab to view mail editor

Step 5: Refer below images to use HTML Editor

i. Use HTML code to edit mail content

ii. Add formatting to text

iii. Insert or Remove Link

iv. Insert or Remove Image

Step 6: Click on the Save button to apply changes

Note: Notifications available on Notification settings section is based on your Plan selection.

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