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Note: You can use Mail Notifications only if you have purchased/added Store Credit and/or Social Login paid add-on with your current plan.

Prior to set up Mail Notification settings kindly set Mail Domain Settings. Know More

[ Note: You can send Mail Notifications using mail platforms like Klaviyo. Know More ]

Step 1: In Flits Admin Panel, Open Settings from the left side menu

Step 2: In the Settings page, Open Notification Settings

Step 3: Choose Notification Subject from the left side navigation menu.

Step 4: In the Notification Settings Page, under Notification Subject, you will view two tabs namely Mail and Push Notification.

Step 5: Click the Mail tab to view mail editor.

Step 6: You will view an HTML Editor in the Mail Notification section. Use the editor to modify your mail body text. Know More.

Step 7: Keep switch = On to send selected mail notification.

Step 8: To use dynamic variables, Click on a variable name from the right side Variables section and paste the selected variable in mail content. 

Step 9: Click on Send Test Mail button to Preview your mail.

Step 10: Click on Save button to apply changes.

[ Note: If you are setting up mail notification using preferences given by Flits and using Klaviyo, you will receive Mail Notifications from both the preferences. Hence you are requested to turn Off either of the Mail Notification settings. ]

Note: Credit Notifications available on Notification settings section is based on your Plan selection.

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