Why Integration with Shopify POS?

- Few Shopify Merchants are selling on the online store as well as on physical store.

- In such a scenario, If the store owner would like to give credit through a reward program and If the customer would like to use their credit at the online store & physical store, this is possible with POS.

If you are the Flits Enterprise plan holder using Flits Store Credit Add On & Shopify POS than you can request us to enable Flits + POS integration on your store.

Please mail us on to enable Integration.

How merchant (Store owner) can apply for credit through POS for their customer? 

Step 1: Open your Shopify POS app in mobile.

Step 2: Select Product.

Step 3: Select Customer.

Step 4: Please select the credit option from the right side top corner as displayed in below image.

Step 5: Please select  " Use Customer's Store Credit " option to choose your credit. Please review the below option. 

Step 6:  You can use available credit by selecting credit as shown in the below image. 

Step 7: Once you select that option, your credit will be applied to that particular order. Kindly refer below image.

If you need any help, feel free to mail us at