Why Integration with Shopify POS?

- A Few Shopify Merchants are selling on the online stores as well as on physical stores.

- Shopify POS(Point of Sale) is for the merchants who would like to offer the Reward Program to their physical store customers or for the customers who would like to use their Rewards on the online store and/or on a physical store.

If you are the Flits Enterprise plan holder, using the Flits Store Credit Add-on & also using the Shopify POS then you can request us to enable Flits + POS integration on your store.

Please mail us on to enable this Integration.

Step 1: Open Flits admin.

Step 2: From the left side navigation, select Integrations.

Step 3: On the Integrations page, scroll down to Point of Sale part. Enable the switch to integrate Shopify POS with Flits. 

Here is,

How merchants can apply for credit through POS for their customers?

Step 4: Open your Shopify POS app.

Step 5: Now at first we will add Flits Store Credit in the POS to access the available Online Store Credits. Kindly follow the below images for more clear reference.

A. Add a new tile

B. Select Flits from apps

C. Select Flits from apps

D. Add Flits available under Actions tile

Step 6: After adding Flits to smart gird, click on the Save button to apply changes. Now, you can view Flits tile on your POS as displayed in the below image. 

Step 7: Click on the hamburger menu to open products. Now, select a Product from the list and click on the add to cart tile from the products page to add that product to cart.

Step 8: After adding a product to cart, add a customer. On the home page select, click on the Add customer tile. From that page you can search for an existing customer or can add a new customer. Kindly follow below image for more clear reference.



Step 9:  To apply credit click on the Flits-Customer Account Page tile from the home page to apply credit on order.

Step 10: As displayed in the below image, you can view total credit and credit to be applied on that particular order. Click on the credit available credit to apply it on order.

Note: Credits will be applied based on the spent rule set up in the Flits admin >> Settings >> Store Credit Settings >> Spent Rule. If you don't found the gift card button please review the spent rules to check weather the cart range comes under the spent conditions or not.

Step 11: Once you will click on the gift card button, you will get a confirmation message of credit is applied to cart. 

Step 9: You can see applied credit as displayed in the below image. Complete the order to enjoy credit.

If you need any help, feel free to mail us at