Step 1:  Go to Flits Admin

Step 2:  Click on " Integration" Section from the left side navigation menu as per below image. 

Step 3: Click on " Integration with" button as per below image. 


(Note: Please review, app should be installed, if it's not installed then it will redirect to install app page. )

It will redirect to admin panel. 

Step 4: Click on app setting as per below image. 

Step 5: Go to the integrations section.

Step 6: Go to the Admin backend section.

On this page please go to below the page and you can see " Reward app integration" section as per below image. 

Step 7: Click on " Please click here to get your API token automatically", you can see above image. 

Note: Once you click on that link, it will redirect to another page, but no worry about that.  Just refresh the same page and you can see Flits API Token & Flits user ID as per above image. 

Now, you are ready to use FLITS & integration. 

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If you have any questions regarding this integration feel free to mail us at