You can increase your customers' retention through this feature. 

Your customers can invite their friend's through one referral code, once invited friends will create an account on your store and enter that code, at that time both will get credits.

How store owner can set up Refer Friend module?

Step 1: Go to Flits Admin from the Shopify admin apps page.

Step 2: Open Settings section from the left side navigation menu.

Step 3: Open the Store Credit Settings page.

Step 4: Click on Refer Friend Rule, you can see refer friend rule section as per below image. 

Step 5: You can set Inviter Credit, with custom comment. (Don't remove " ##referee_customer## ", It will be replaced with Customer Name and can be displayed in Credit Activities as well as in the Store Credit section of Customer Account Page.)

Step 6: You can set the Receiver customer credit with a custom comment for credit.

Note: Store owner can set limitation for credit-earning through referral invitation. Please check below image.

Ex: If a customer set 100 credits and time limitation is 1 day then inviter can earn a maximum of 100 credits in one day. Yes, he/she can invite unlimited friends. 

- If store owner select "Is unlimited" option then inviter can earn unlimited credits for referring a friend to store.

Step 7: Click on the Save button to save changes.

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Note: Referral Module is for Business and Enterprise Plan users only.

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