Flits Professional Plan is perfect for you if your registered customer list is up to 25000.

Flits Professional Plan comes with :

Difference between Advance & Professional plan 

- Advance plan: Up to 5000 registered customers

- Professional plan: Up to 25000 registered customers

Why the same features at a different cost?

- We are using AWS cloud server with the latest technology. As no of customers increases, request on the server rises. As the server request increases, the server cost will increase. Due to extended server request Plan prices, may differ.


You can update the Flits Customer Account Page with any language from language list provided by Shopify.

With Flits Multilanguage feature you can update language as well as the default text displayed in Customer Account Page.

You can use Multilanguage in following ways:

Example 1: Default language of Flits is English, you can change it to any language like French, German, etc. 

Example 2: If you are using Store Credit add on then you can update that word with your brand name.

                    " Store Credit " replaced with " Your Brand Name Credit


Customers can add previous orders directly to their cart from their order history with a single click. It’s kind of strategy to continue making sales to your current customers is to offer and pitch reordering.

Integrations :

i. PushOwl: You can use PushOwl's web push notifications for your store's credit activities. Know More..

ii. Klaviyo: You can use Klaviyo to send email notifications for your store's credit activities. Know More..

iii. You can use to reward your customers for their reviews. Know More..

iv. Loox: You can use our Loox integration to reward your customers for their product photo reviews. Know More..

* We are offering below paid Add Ons. Add Ons are not included in any plan. You can add it as per your need.

(Note:  We are calling it an "Add On" but honestly each Add Ons have features like an individual app)

1. Store Credit: It's the next generation Reward program. 

2. Wishlist:  We will help you with your existing wishlist data through CSV.

3. Social Login: We are providing Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon as Social Login options.

4. Advance Dashboard: Customer can filter orders through multiple options from order history. 

How to subscribe to the Professional plan? 

Once you install Flits app, you are redirected to the Flits Billing Page.

Step 1: Select the Professional Plan.

Step 2: If you would like to use any Add On then "Add" add on as per your need.

Step 3: Click on "Upgrade & Pay $X ".

Please see the below image.  

* Once you complete billing cycle, 30 days free trial will be applied automatically. We are providing 30 days free trial for all the paid Plans & paid Add Ons. 

*You can Upgrade or Downgrade plans anytime from Billing Page.

[ Note: Above image contains plan pricing without paid Add On purchase. If you will add any of the listed paid Add On with your plan, charges displayed on upgrade button may vary ]


Professional Plan: $7 USD/month

Paid Add Ons

Store Credit v2.0 $35 USD/month

Wishlist: $10 USD/month

Social Login: $7 USD/month

Advance Dashboard: $10 USD/month

*We are using Shopify billing API, we are not taking any hidden charge.

If you need any help regarding pricing or anything, feel free to contact us at