Note: This document for flits users who already installed flits before 30 april 2019 

*Who will install flits after 30 april 2019, It will be automatically enable, no need to add any code. Just need to enable button from setting.

1. Open Theme in which you want to add amazon social login.

2. Open flits_social_login_snippet.liquid file in that theme.

3. Replace your existing file content with the new file content (you can find new file in attachment.)

4. Open en.default.json in that theme.

5. Search for the "flits" section.

6. In flits section 

    6.1 you will find "social_login_page" section -> replace it with new code

    6.2 If you are unable to find it just add below code in "flits" section.

    New Code for "en.default.json".  


"social_login_page": {

      "facebook": "Facebook",

      "google": "Google+",

      "twitter": "Twitter",

      "amazon": "Amazon"



That's it you are done now go to Flits Admin and enable Amazon Social login from Social Login Settings.