Advantages of Klaviyo Integration:  

  • Merchant can send mail notifications for store credit activities.
  • Merchant can display the credit balance of users in other mails sent by Klaviyo.

How to Integrate Flits with Klavyio: 

Step 1: Open Integration page in Flits admin. 

Step 2: Enable Klaviyo integration using the button displayed on the top right corner of the Email Marketing Section.

Step 3: In the API Key textbox, Add your API key copied from Klaviyo admin.

Step 4: Click on Connect to Klaviyo button. It will connect Klaviyo with Flits and allows you to use mail notifications for Flits store credit activities.

How to get an API key?

Every individual Klaviyo account will have one Public API Key, but from one account you can generate more than one Private API Key as needed. 

To access pre-generated API Key

  • Click on Get My API Key label, underneath API Key textbox in the Integration section of Flits Admin. This will redirect you to the Account > Settings > API Keys section of Klaviyo Admin. Where you will find a private API Key which is used for reading data from Klaviyo.


Follow Steps given below to create a new API key

Step 1: In Klaviyo Admin, Open Account section from the top right corner using the dropdown menu.

Step 2: In the Account section, open Settings option.

Step 3: Open API Keys section from the Settings dropdown.

Step 4: Generate API key using the Create API Key button.

Step 5: You can see a new API key in the Private API Key section.

Step 6: Copy that key and paste it to API key textbox under Klaviyo Integration section of Flits admin. 

* Private API keys are used for reading data from Klaviyo and manipulating some sensitive objects such as lists. Private API keys should be treated like your password, kept in a safe place and never exposed to the public.

You can successfully integrate Klaviyo with Flits using the above-mentioned steps. 

Click here to set up Klaviyo mail notifications.

Note: If you need any help, feel free to drop a mail at