Step 1: Go to Flits Admin page.

Step 2:
Go to settings section from left side navigation.

Step 3: Open "Credit" setting section. 

Step 4:  Enable " Credit on checkout page" checkbox.

(Note: if the radio button is disabled then please contact to Shopify support team and request for enable checkout. liquid file.)

Step 5: Copy the given code.

Step 6: Go to Shopify Admin

Step 7: Click on "Online Store" from the left side navigation. From Dropdown menu click on " Preference" option.

Step 8: Go to " Google Analytics" Part and paste that code.

Step 9: Save it.  

Now you can see "spent credit" Dropdown on the checkout page. See the image below.

How can customer Apply for credit on the checkout page?



You can contact us at for any further help.