Using this tool merchants can remove credits between specific time duration from all the customer accounts.

If the merchant would like to remove credits using Flits Expiration Tool, He/She needs to set the desired time duration in the expiration tool and choose an expiry date.

The expiry date is the date on which all the earned credits of the defined timespan will be removed.


If a store has 500 customers

All the customers have earned “$x” credits in the last 6 months.

If the merchant wants to remove these 6 months credit.

Below steps are need to be followed by the merchant to remove credit using Flits Expiration Tool

Step 1: Set Duration ( Start Date - End Date )

Set timespan - The date range to expire credit in the Date field.

Let’s say you would like to remove credit earned in the last 6 month.

Set Date (Start date - End date) from Jan to June = 6 months

Customers who have earned credit from 1st Jan 2019 to 30th June 2019 will come under this calculation.


Step 2: Set Credit Expiry Date

Set Date to expire credit in Credit Expiry Date field

If you would like to remove credit on 28th July 2019

Set Credit Expiry Date field as 28th July 2019

On this date, all the credits earned between 1st Jan 2019 to 30th June 2019 will be removed

Hint: You can use this module for customers who are not spending credits in your store for a long time.

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