Step 1: Go to the Settings section from Flits admin left side navigation.

As per current rule manager customer can earn credit through the following ways:

1. Credit for Sign Up/Register.

2. Credit For Subscriber.

- A store owner can set credit as per his/her wish.

- The Customer will get credit while signing up as well as while subscribing.

Note: If the user is not opting for Subscriptions on the signup page or doesn't see the Subscribe newsletter section, he/she can subscribe newsletter from the home page of the store. After subscribing, the user will receive subscription credit. The customer will get 'Subscription credit' only one time. 

3. Credit After "X" Number of orders. 

- You can see this in the Earning Rule section. 

- You can set different credit for different orders. It will create a win-win situation for merchants and customers. 

4. Birthday Credit

- Customer will get Birthday Credit one time in a year as per profile birthday date.
- A store owner can set expire days

(ex: If the merchant sets -'Credit expires in 3 days' then Birthday credit will expire in 3 days even if the customer doesn't use any of his/her credits. )

5. Monthly Credit

- A store owner can set any date in a month, the customers will get credit on that day and it will expire in 30 days. 

6. Product review