Using Flits Store Credit, merchants can set up earning rules in ample ways.

  1. Credit for Registration/Sign Up
  2. Credit for Subscriber
  3. Credit on orders
  4. Birthday Credit
  5. Monthly Credit
  6. Product Review Credit

Step 1: Open Flits App Admin.

Step 2: Open Settings section from the left-side navigation menu.

Step 3: Open Store Credit Settings from the Settings page. Refer to below image.

Step 4: In the Store Credit Settings page, open Earning Rule section - to set up earn credit. Refer following rule description to create/set up earning rules.

i. Credit for Sign Up/Registration

- You can set up Register/Sign Up credit using this rule.

- Customer will receive this credit after a successful registration.

- Register credit is issued once/user.

ii. Credit for Subscriber

- You can set up Subscription credit using this rule.

- Customer will receive this credit after opting for Subscriptions.

- Subscriber credit is issued once/user.

Note: If the user is not opting for Subscriptions on the signup page or doesn't see the Subscribe newsletter section, he/she can subscribe newsletter from the home page of the store. After subscribing, the user will receive subscription credit.

iii. Credit on Order 

- You can set up On Order credit using this rule.

- You can set fixed or percentage credit for different orders. It will create a win-win situation for merchants and customers.


i. Credit on 1st order is fixed at $50, Cart value is $200 -> customer will earn $50 on the first order. (Credit is issued Irrespective of cart value)

ii. Credit on 2nd order is 15%, Cart value is $200 -> customer will earn $30 on the second order. (Credit is issued based on the cart value)

iv. Birthday Credit

- You can set up this rule to reward your customers on their birthday.

- Birthday Credit is issued once a year as per the customer's profile birthdate.
- You can set expiry days for Birthday Credit by adding the number of days in the "Expires in" section.

Note: If a merchant sets 'Credit expires in 3 days', birthday credit will expire after 3 days of its issue date

v. Monthly Credit

- You can set up Monthly Credit using this rule.

- You can choose any date after 2 days of the current date till the 28 dates of a month as the monthly credit starting date. Customers will get credit on that day and it will expire after 28 days of its issue date
- You can reward your customers every month by selecting every month checkbox.


vi. Product Review Credit

- The Product Review credit allows you to reward your customers for placing a review on your store.

Click here to learn more about Product Review Credit and how to introduce it to your customers.

Step 5: Click on the Save button to apply changes.

Note: Earning Rules are differentiated Plan wise. Click here to learn more.

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