Step 1: Go to the settings section from flits admin left side navigation.

As per current rule manager customer can earn credit through below way. 

1. Credit for sign up/register.

2. Credit For Subscriber.

- A store owner can set credit as per his/her thoughts.

- Customer will get credit at sign up time as well as subscriber time.

3. Credit After "X" Number of orders.

- You can see this section in earning rule section. 

- You can set different credit for the different order. It will create win-win situations for merchant and customers. 

4. Birthday Credit

- Customer will get birthday credit one time in a year as per profile birthday date.
- A store owner can set expire day.

(ex: if merchants set 3 days than birthday credit will expire in 3 days if you will not use. )

5. Monthly Credit

- A store owner can set any date in a month, a customer will get credit on that day and it will be expired in 30 days. 

6. Product review