Advance Social Login is a growth maker tool that helps you to focus on the unseen interests of your customers. Using this data you can create a sure shot strategy to develop your customer's interest on your store by providing them, what they are actually interested in.

Advance Social Login is for the merchants who are using Social Login, specifically the Facebook Social Login with their own custom Facebook Application.

* Custom Facebook Application is a must, to use this feature. Click here to learn How to create a Facebook custom application.

In Advance Social Login we present you the data of Facebook "like" activity of customers who have logged in to the store using their Facebook login credentials.

Once the user is logged in to the store, a merchant can see the Top 5 categories of like activity. Which acknowledge you that your customer has shown interest in 50 pages of Clothing Brands available across Facebook. This way you will come to know about your customer's major area of interest.

Example :


Public Figure



News & Media Website

The Area of Interest section is visible in two places:

  1. On Flits App Dashboard - highlight mutual area of interest of all the customers who have logged in using Facebook Social Login
  2. In a particular Customer's Profile Section - individual customer's area of interest in said categories

The above image is an example of a customer's like activity. Which shows customer has shown interest in 48 pages from Public Figure category, 44 pages from the Community category, 26 pages from the Clothing category etc.

A store owner can use this data for marketing purposes.

Initially and more importantly, marketing is all about finding out what customers want and set an equation to meet their needs through promoting and selling products and services.

To activate the Advanced Social Login feature follow the steps given below

Step 1: In Flits app admin, click on Settings from the left side navigation menu.

Step 2: Click App Settings from the Settings page.

Step 3: In-App Settings, scroll down to the Social Login Settings section.

Step 4: Click on the Advance Social Login switch to activate the feature.

Note: Social Login Add-On purchase is mandatory. Enable Social Login settings as well as Social Login App Settings from the Settings section.

Step 5: Click on the Save button on the top right corner of the page to save settings.

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