Using the Multi-language feature:
1. Personalise the customer account page using your brand keywords

2. Translate Flits features to your regional language

Once the Flits app is set up in your store, follow the given steps to use the multi-language option.

Step 1: Open Shopify Admin.

Step 2: Select the Online Store option from the left side menu.

Step 3: Open Themes section.

Step 4: Click on the Actions button of the Live Theme, Click on the Actions of the theme and open the Edit Language Section.

Step 5: Open Flits option from the Edit Languages section.

From the Edit Languages section, you can do the following tasks:

1. Personalise Flits text

2. Translate Flits in your regional language

1. Personalise customer account page, wishlist, thank you page etc's text

Step 6: In the Edit Languages section, you will get content of various Flits modules. You can update the text of any section from here. Simply search for the section you would like to personalise, replace the displayed text with text of your choice and click on the Save button to apply changes.


For exp: 

If you are using the Store Credit add-on you can rename it with your brand name. In the following image "My Credit" is replaced with "Flits Credit". 

In the same way, you can replace any of the Customer Account Page navigation texts with the word of your choice "My Orders" to "My Purchases", "My Wishlist" to "Favourites" etc.

2. Translate Flits app content in your regional language

Step 7: Once you have changed your store's default language, you will get the following layout. Add translations and click the save button to apply changes. In the below image you can see screens before and after adding translations to the Edit Language page.

Note: Flits's default language is English. Now, if you're changing your store's default language, translation must be add to view the customer account page in the selected language. Otherwise, the content of the account page will be displayed in English.

Let's take a look at how your applied changes will look in the store:

Exp 1: Navigation text changes

Exp 2: Customer account page translation to French

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