You can setup the Wishlist Heart icon and text colour as per the colour schema of your theme.

 You can add Wishlist icon on below places :

i. On Product Page

ii. On Collection Page

 Follow steps given below to setup Wishlist on your store.

 Step 1: Go to Flits admin.

 Step 2: Select Settings from the left side navigation and click Wishlist Settings page.

 Step 3: On Wishlist Settings page once you select "Automatic" option, customers can see Flits Wishlist on Product   Page.

 Step 4: Select "Manual" option, to use Flits Wishlist icon on your desired location of the Product Page.

 Step 5: You can set an icon appearance based on theme colour combination.

Step 6: Default: Only "heart" icon.
Step 7: Custom button(for product page): small rectangular box with heart icon + text.

 Step 8: 

 Wishlist count: It indicates how many customers have added a particular product to their Wishlist. You can   enable/disable this option as per your requirement. Wishlist count will increase when the product is added to Wishlist   by multiple users.

 Step 9: If you want to add Flits Wishlist icon on the collection page, copy the code snippet given on the Wishlist   Settings page for Wishlist on Collection Page and paste it to your theme's collection file. Kindly follow the below   screenshot for better understanding.

  Step 10: Click the Save button on the top left corner, to save and apply changes.

  [ Note: Design of Wishlist icon is based on selected Appearance type. Review it before you save the changes. ]

  Wishlist settings at a glance :

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