You can setup Wishlist heart icon and text color as per the color schema of your theme.

You can add Wishlist icon on below places :

i. On Product Page 

ii. On Collection Page

 Step 1: Go to Flits admin.

 Step 2: Select Settings form the left side navigation and go to Wishlist Setting page.

 Step 3: On Wishlist Settings page once you select "Automatic" option, customer can see Flits Wishlist on Product Page.

 Step 4: Select "Manual" option, to use Flits Wishlist icon at your desired location on product page.

 Step 5: You can set icon appearance based on theme color combination.

Step 6: Default: Only "heart" icon.
Step 7: Custom button(for product page): small rectangle box with heart icon + text.

 Step 8: 

 Wishlist count: It indicates how many customers have added particular product to their Wishlist. You can enable & disable this option as per your requirement.

 Step 9: If you want to use Flits Wishlist icon on collection page, please add below code in theme collection file.

 Code: {% include 'flits_wishlist_snippet' with 'flits_collection_page_wsl_btn' %}

Step 10: Click Save button on the top left corner, to save and apply changes.

[ Note: Design of Wishlist icon is based on selected Appearance type. Review it before you save the changes. ]

Wishlist settings at a glance :

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