For existing flits user: 

Step 1: Go to billing page from flits admin section through left side navigation menu.

Step 2: You can see "wishlist" as an add-on.

Step 3: Please enable wishlist checkbox.

Step 4: Click on "update & pay x$" button and go ahead.

Step 5: Please install code again from left side navigation menu through flits admin.

- Now your registered customer can see wishlist section on "customer account page" on a store.  As well as your customer can also see wishlist icon on a product page. 
- For collection page, you have to setup through wishlist setting page from flits admin. 

For new flits user: 

Step 1: once you install flits from an app store or website, you will redirect to billing page on flits admin.

Step 2: If you want to use wishlist please enable "wishlist" checkbox which mentioned as an add-on. 


[Note: If you don't want to use wishlist feature, keep it as a disable on the billing page. ]

Step 3: Click on "pay x$" button and go ahead.