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Store Credit settings:  If you don’t want to use this functionality that you can disable it from this section.

Step 1: Select “is store credit enable “ as a “ NO” 

Step 2: please click on “ save” 

Recently viewed products setting:  if you don’t want to display this page on customer dashboard then you can disable it from this section. 

Step 1: Select “ is recently viewed” as a “ NO”

Step 2: Please click on “ Save” 

Webhook MailChimp URL: If you want to integrate your MailChimp account to flits, please add below webhook URL to MailChimp account.

Webhook  URL : 

Reference link : How to add webhook in MailChimp?

Cart Code Automatic: If you want to add "use your credit "  checkbox manually on your cart page, then disable "cart code automatic " button.