Ans: If you want to add a page from your store as well as a custom page like as return product policy, contact us, wishlist page integration, collection all in customer dashboard, you can add it to this section.

Ex: If you want to add "Return product policy" to customer dashboard, then you can add through below steps. Once you select any page, page content will automatically display in customer dashboard section. 

Step 1: Please open link store page setting sections through the settings menu.

- You can see page like below screenshot once you enter in "Link Store Page"

Step 2: Once you click on “ Add page” button you will get one popup.

Drive link to reference  video:

Step 3: You can select your existing website page from the drop down as well as you can select “ Add custom page “ option also.

Step 4: For custom page Please add “ Page Title” as per your requirements.

Step 5: For custom page Add “ URL” so it will display particular page content.

[Note: If you have added your current website page URL then it will display particular page content & if you have added custom URL then it will redirect particular URL address.   ]

Step 6: 
Click on “ Apply”.